Responding to the public health and safety crisis, retired Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp launched the Drug Abuse Response Team ( D.A.R.T. ) in July of 2014. This unit was the first of its kind in our nation. Today, our D.A.R.T. unit reaches far beyond their traditional roles as first responders, and has engaged the unit directly with linkage to treatment for victims and their families.

Officers assigned to the Drug Abuse Response Team meet in the community with overdose victims and their families building strong relationships of trust. These officers transport individuals battling addiction to effective local treatments that are available. Providing encouragement, the officers monitor and engage the victims as they progress through their treatment and recovery process.

Sheriff John Tharp (Retired)

Processes and Procedures

  • D.A.R.T. officers respond to area hospitals for communication with overdose victims;
  • Maintains communication with family and friends of the victim;
  • Maintain a compassionate demeanor while reassuring and providing support to the victim with immediate help and assessment and treatment;
  • Transports victims ( if needed ) for assessment, disposition, detox, and recovery housing;
  • Continue necessary communication and support with victims as they enter detox and recovery housing;
  • Support the victim and their family across the time frame of recovery.

DART Board Members

  • John Tharp
  • Blair Saba
  • Bob Howell
  • Bob LaClair
  • Dr. Brittany Denny
  • Cindy K. Wise
  • Dan Cassavar
  • Michele Free
  • James D. Weidner
  • Jim Lindsay
  • John Henry
  • Kelli Hoff
  • Ken Krupp
  • Larry Boyer
  • Lauren Console
  • Paul Croy
  • Scott Sands
  • Susan Rees

The Drug Abuse Response Team is a multi-jurisdictional unit that is overseen by the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office. The unit consists of officers from the LCSO, Toledo Police Department, and the Mercy Health Police Department.